YouTube TV now has a voice remote app feature

YouTube TV now has a voice remote app feature

YouTube TV now has a voice remote app feature

We’re approaching a time when there will be no digital service without some form of voice control associated with it, and today Google is turning its attention to YouTube TV.

You’ve already been able to send commands via your vocal chords to the YouTube TV service through Google Home speakers since last October. But if you’ve not access to a Google Assistant device, you’ll now be able to get chatty with the streaming service through its mobile app, too.

Rolling out

The feature is slowly rolling out to users of the service’s app. It’s a toggleable option in the settings page, and will present itself as a floating button onscreen.

With it you can issue commands such as “go back to my last channel”, or call out a particular channel you’d like to watch. If you’ve recorded shows, you can jump to specific points them by talking to the app, as well as controlling the volume.

It’s not being billed as a major update for the app, instead quietly being added to some user’s devices; there’s a dedicated support page now live too. So if you’ve not received the update yet, that’s a solid sign that it’ll be on its way soon.

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