Silent Salesman: Our Custom Built Progressive Web Application for Small Businesses

Silent Salesman is our custom built progressive web application bundle for small businesses & organizations. It has a huge range of features and benefits at a one off inclusive price which is the lowest in the industry. Our business package includes free unlimited push notifications, free merchant service integration, free unlimited booking software, free play & app store listing, free social media automation and more.

SEO and Web Facilities: Paying Too Much For Those?

Now you can have a mobile app built which is listed in both google play and apple app stores, so your business ranks highly for mobile searches, removing the initial necessity to pay for expensive seo costs and website maintainance. We also automate your social media posts as part of the build so you don't need to spend hours making them!

Features & Benefits: Whats Included In The Bundle?

Your Progressive Web App is Custom Built to your requirements and based on your website or business model. The bundle includes some excellent tools and services designed to promote your business and provide services to a steadily increasing audience of customers and potential customers. A personal developer is designated to oversee the project and a quality control assessor is assigned to sign off the completed App.

Listed In App Stores
Its a true down-loadable app, your Progressive Web App is available to download on both Apple and Android devices. It also works fine for any Desktop users you have. It is one of the few Progressive Web Apps which has been approved by Apple and Google for App store listing. Mobiles apps are given preference in search returns for mobile devices when that device is detected.
Custom Built
The App's core functionality is fine tuned for your business or business model. Our developer will take your website or business model as a guide and it is customised to reflect the key aspects of your business. You are consulted for any changes throughout the process and when the App is delivered and set up there are video tutorials made available for ongoing use.
3 - 4 Week Build
As most of the functionality is already built, your App can be delivered in a short time, usually within 3 weeks. It is based on your Website or Business Model (if you don't have a website). You are assigned your own personal developer for the process, with 7 days free support to get up and running and oversee any fine tuning which might be necessary.
24/7 Messaging
Send Push Notifications as often as you like and receive messages. This one feature alone is worth much more than your App's modest cost. There is no limit on the number of messages sent to your customers and this is much faster than Email, with an open rate of 98%. 2 way messaging means that you can contact customers instantly increasing your customer retention by up to 300%.
All Platforms
As internet traffic increases exponentially on a daily basis it is becoming essential to have Apps which will work on the major platforms to capture the potential. The App works for Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Desktop & Laptop PCs and others and this will have a positive impact on your business and projects or your organisation.
Fully Customizable
It is easy to manage and customize, if you can type and click, your Progressive Web App is fully customizable! It comes with a Web Based back-office to manage all input, records, output and messaging to your customers. The video tutorials walk you through the customizing options so that you can keep it updated at all times if needed.
Booking Software

We can integrate booking software in to your app completely free. The software has a huge range of features and functions and is manageable in a separate interface to make changes at any time. Fully automated, with unlimited products, services and staff members, you can streamline your booking system to give you more time and allow all your customers to book from their phones.

Merchant Services
We can integrate Merchant Services in to your app so you can take all forms of payment. If you aleady have a service we can almost always use that or if you are a new business and need one we can recommend one of our partners. Other than the fees you normally pay it is completely free, with your customers able to pay via mobile if necessary.
Social Media
We can integrate your social media accounts and Googlemaps in to your app. Your main social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin) are included and instantly accessible by users. Additionally, your website if you have one is linked and can be accessed with a single click. See below also for the automated Facebook and Twitter posting which is included as part of this bundle
Media Uploads
You can upload videos, audio or images in to the app and this is instantly updated for your users in a few seconds. Your users can directly access your content without having to visit a third party site and the updates appear immediately. You can of course use the 2 way messaging feature to notify them if you wish.
Works Offline
Users can access your content even if they are not online. Offline cache storage is used to enable users to access your content via service workers. Additionally, your App on their device serves as a constant reminder of your business (people check their phones 100 - 150 times a day!) and helps prevent them going elsewhere for similar services.
Instant Content
You can add new content at any time without any special skills, whether it is video, audio, special promotion, news, images etc, it appears instantly on your customers devices in real time. There is no need to mess with a web site or CMS and risk losing data. This is a lot easier to manage than using a CMS or having someone do it for you, if you are not technical.
Digital Magazines
You can create a Digital Magazine (or Blog) section which your users will see instantly in real time. Any news or information about your business is instantly accessible to them. You can create, for example, a weekly update about your business so they can be kept up to date. This is another way of staying in touch and increasing customer retention.
Customer Support
You can create a customer support facility and use it in tandem with the push notification (unlimited) capabilities of the app. So you can instantly respond to any queries or messages from customers. Again, this is far quicker than using email as these communications are seen (and opened) instantly in 98% of cases.
Social Media Automation
As part of the bundle we will fully automate your core Social Media accounts (Facebook & Twitter) with selected topics in your niche or area of business. Your accounts are updated with new content daily, allowing you to publish your brand and gain followers without the tedious and time consuming task of posting manually, although this can be done aswell.

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Recognized by Google as the definitive way forward in mobile app building. Our app is approved for inclusion in both apple app and google play stores, gaining higher and better search returns for your business! A custom built mobile application for small businesses at a fraction of the price of traditional development costs!

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