Multi Page Rocket: Our Custom Built Multi Page Website Bundle for Small Businesses

This is our custom built multi page website bundle for small businesses & organizations. It has a huge range of features and benefits at a one off inclusive price which is the lowest in the industry. Our small business package includes free SEO, free unlimited push notifications, free unlimited booking software, free blog automation, free chat facilities, multiple pages and more.

Need A New Website: Dont Know Where To Start?

Now you can have a custom web multi page site built specifically for your business, optimized so your business ranks highly for mobile searches and laid out for maximum lead generation and redistribution. We also automate your blog posts as part of the build so you don't need to spend hours making them! It is designed specifically for small businesses to get a kick start with the mobile web with minimum effort.

Features & Benefits: Whats Included In The Bundle?

Your website is custom built to your requirements and based on your website or business model. The bundle includes some excellent tools and services designed to promote your business and provide services to a steadily increasing audience of customers and potential customers. A personal developer is designated to oversee the project and a quality control assessor is assigned to sign off the completed site.

Listed In Search Engines
When completed your site is automatically submitted to a range of search engines for maximum coverage to get a kick start or increase your coverage if already online. We can use Google Analytics to track usage statistics as things progress.
Custom Built
We will take your website or business model as a guide and it is customized to reflect the key aspects of your business. You are consulted for any changes throughout the process and when the Site is delivered and set up we fine tune everything for best practices.
3 - 4 Week Build
Your site can be delivered in a short time, usually within 3 – 4 weeks. It is based on your Website or Business Model and you are assigned your own personal developer for the process, with 7 days free support to get up and running and oversee any fine tuning which may be necessary.
24/7 Messaging
Send Push Notifications as often as you like and receive messages. This one feature alone is worth much more than your Site’s modest cost. There is no limit on the number of messages sent to your customers and this is much faster than Email, with an open rate of 98%. 2 way messaging means that you can contact customers instantly increasing your customer retention by up to 300%.
Booking Software
We can integrate booking software in to your site completely free. The software has a huge range of features and functions and is manageable in a separate interface to make changes at any time. Fully automated, with unlimited products, services and staff members, you can streamline your booking system to give you more time and allow all your customers to book from their phones.
Fully Customizable
As part of the bundle we will fully automate your primary blog page with selected topics in your niche or area of business. Your blog page is updated with new content daily, allowing you to promote your brand and gain comments, followers and even inquiries without the tedious and time consuming task of posting manually, although this can be done as-well.
Great Flexibility
Although intended primarily for small businesses, we can create any type of website you want with this bundle apart from an Ecommerce site. A personal website, a photoblog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a government website or a magazine and news website. The choice is yours.
Fully Standards Compliant
Every site is in full compliance with the standards set by the W3C. This means that your website will work in today’s browser, while maintaining forward compatibility with the next generation of browser as part of this bundle.
Customized Themes
We use customized themes for all site builds which are optimized for mobile users (around 80% of searches) so your site will stand out from the crowd and become an integral part of your brand. Its also fast and lightweight as we avoid bloated themes with uneccessary features.
Search Engine Optimized
Your site is optimized for search engines and submitted on your behalf. For more fine-grained SEO control we can also use Google Analytics and other SEO tools if we are managing the site for you. Management of site includes adding extra content, updates and upgrades as necessary.
Choice Of Management
The standard bundle includes everything you need to get set up and manage the site yourself if you require. We can additionally provide management facilities for a monthly fee which includes update, upgrades and new content.
Responsive Design
Responsive design is the top must-have feature of all websites now and is a must when it comes to business sites as well. With the number of people viewing information on tablets and mobile phones, it is vital to build a site that allows users to view content clearly regardless of device used.
Social Sharing
As part of the bundle we will integrate social sharing in your site so your important content is visible and promoted on major social media platforms. This helps raise your brand awareness and ensures that customers can find you in a variety of ways.
Chat Facilities
We create a customer support or chat facility and use it in tandem with the push notification (unlimited) capabilities of the site. So you can instantly respond to any queries or messages from customers. Again, this is far quicker than using email as these communications are seen (and opened) instantly in 98% of cases.
Lead Generation & Redistribution
As the site is specifically built to generate leads for your business, it makes sense to figure out how to handle them! We have done this for you and we set up an account to collect and communicate with all your contacts. This covers leads collected via Chat, Contact Form, Pop Up (if used) and anything else.

Get Your Business In Front Of Customers On An Hourly Basis

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Your web site bundle is custom built and original. It comes with all the features above and much more with extra attention paid to mobile functionality.

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