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Download these apps and follow these tips to make sure your kid’s Halloween is all treat and no tricks.


The Alphabet chairman and former Stanford president talks about strengthening ethics training for entrepreneurs and future business leaders.

Tesla is pushing out a major update for its vehicles: called Navigate on Autopilot, it gives Tesla cars the ability to drive themselves from highway on-ramp to highway off-ramp, with human supervision – so you can’t fall asleep at the wheel just yet.

The upgrade follows on from the Version 9 software that rolled out earlier this month. It means the car will be able to suggest lane changes and take them itself, navigate to

The NFL action at Wembley has once again been capturing the imagination of the British public, while millions tune in back in the States to watch their heroes strut their stuff across the pond. Next up in London is the Philadelphia Eagles vs Jacksonville Jaguars and there’s no excuse for missing out – it’s streaming live for free on the BBC and you can watch it from anywhere. 

The NFL’s annual London stop-off is set

Comics, games, and fantasy fans descend into London for the UK’s largest pop culture event, MCM London Comic Con, held October 26-28 at Excel London. As with other comic conventions around the world, […]

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