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Apple’s Upcoming Streaming Service Is Reportedly So Bland Staff Are Calling It ‘Expensive NBC’

Apple’s new streaming service reportedly has a $1 billion budget, but apparently it can’t buy some nerve. The company has long censored its walled-garden offerings on platforms like the App Store, and per a report in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, Apple is

How counterfeit Apple products, such as adapters and chargers, take circuitous shipment routes via multiple companies to reach the US consumer market (Kevin McCoy/USA Today)
Bing rolls out AMP support for searches on the mobile web two years after adding support for the protocol to its mobile apps (Dan Thorp-Lancaster/Windows Central)
Bing’s support for Google AMP just took a big step forward
<em>Compatible news stories will show the AMP logo next to the publication name.</em>

Microsoft is now supporting Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) directly from Bing’s mobile search results. Although Microsoft has supported AMP since 2016, previously it was limited to the dedicated Bing app. Compatible AMP web pages

Windows 10 Update Ready!

Posted by anton on September 19, 2018
Category: General
Windows 10 October 2018 Update could soon be ready for release going by latest preview

Windows 10 October 2018 Update could soon be ready for release going by latest preview

Microsoft has deployed a new preview version of Windows 10, and this latest build could be the release candidate of the OS, at least going by

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