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MasterCard announced a new policy today for merchants who retain your card information after you sign up for a free trial. Soon, MasterCard will require those merchants to request an official authorization for any recurring subscriptions.

This is great news for forgetful or busy people who might not want to continue paying for a service or product that they just wanted to test out. For example, if you signed up for

As we draw ever closer to the end of The Gifted’s second season, the Mutant Underground’s situation only feels more hopeless. This is how the season begins to make its way towards the finale: […]

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Slack, the workplace chat app that plans to become a public company this year, is making a new marketing push that includes an updated logo. The multicolor hashtag logo of yore has been replaced by something that more closely resembling a pinwheel, while retaining the basic color palate. The lowercase “slack” wordmark also appears to have gotten a minor update.

The company needed to change the logo because the old one

Drinking plenty of water has always kept you hydrated, but it’s never gotten you drunk. That’s finally changing. This is Pura Still, a new adult beverage that calls itself “spiked still water.” At […]

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Galaxy S10 Specs

Samsung will unveil at least four distinct Galaxy S10 versions soon, including three 4G models and a 5G phone. All of them will share the same Infinity-O punch-hole design on the front, as well as the same high-end processors. But they will have unique features, including different camera configurations, different RAM and storage options, as well as different battery capacities. The latter is a given,

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