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New Emoji

If you already have trouble finding the exact emoji you’re looking for, well, things are about to get a tad more complex. Earlier today, the Unicode Consortium provided its official stamp of approval for new emojis that will likely start showing up on iPhone and Android devices later in the year. The list of new emojis is more inclusive of individuals with disabilities, which is something Apple actually

Verizon bogo

Less than a month out from its last such offer, Verizon is once again preparing to launch another of its BOGO deals — this one set to begin on Thursday, February 7 — that makes the hottest smartphones on the market right now available to consumers for free or at a discount when another phone is purchased at full price.

Starting exactly one week before Valentine’s Day,


The Tesla Model 3 has landed at the top of Consumer Reports’ subscriber list of the most satisfying car to own, despite the publication initially refusing to recommend the car to buyers last year due to numerous issues with their test car.

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If you don’t travel enough to rack up (and fully enjoy) hotel status, hotel-branded credit cards don’t usually make as much sense as more flexible travel rewards cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I make an exception though for the World of Hyatt Visa, which belongs in just about everyone’s wallet.

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