Social Media Automation: Our Custom Built Social Media Automation Bundle for Small Businesses

One Page Rocket Is Our Custom Built One Page Website Bundle For Small Businesses & Organizations. It Has A Huge Range Of Features And Benefits At A One Off Inclusive Price Which Is The Lowest In The Industry. Our Small Business Package Includes Free Seo, Free Unlimited Push Notifications, Free Unlimited Booking Software, Free Blog Automation, Free Chat Facilities And More.

SEO and Web Facilities: Paying Too Much For Those?

Now You Can Have A Custom One Page Web Site Built Specifically For Your Business, Optimized So Your Business Ranks Highly For Mobile Searches And Laid Out For Maximum Lead Generation And Redistribution. We Also Automate Your Blog Posts As Part Of The Build So You Don’t Need To Spend Hours Making Them! It Is Designed Specifically For Small Businesses To Get A Kick Start With The Mobile Web With Minimum Effort.

Mobile First

Built For Mobile First

If a site takes more than 3 seconds to load, a visitor typically abandons and moves on so your site is optimized and configured for speed & fast loading times. It is built for mobile first and includes all the major aspects of your business and much more.

Key Features

A Full List Of Features

It has a comprehensive list of features including Mobile First Build, Original Lightweight Theme, SEO Optimization, free Unlimited 2 Way Push Notifications, free Booking Software, free Chat Facilities, free Automated Blog and more!

Next Generation

A Next Generation Web Site

It is built using latest next generation technology. Specifically for small businesses on a budget, it enables them to compete online without heavy initial costs. Latest optimization techniques are used to ensure maximum visibility online.!


Cut Out All The Fees

Many businesses pay ongoing monthly fees for services such as SEO, Booking Software, Chat Facilities, Text Messaging, Email and others. Our Website Bundle can include all these completely free in addition to many other features, all for a small one-off payment!

Web 3

Web 3.0 Technology

Our Custom Built Website Bundle is made based on latest Web 3.0 technologies. It includes HTTPS, Push Notifications, Automated Blog & SEO facilities as a matter of course and is fully featured for maximum efficiency, with everything preconfigured.


Automate Your Business Services

A large range of features ensure that your business in ranked well for mobile device searches online and that you can provide them with an excellent service via mobile devices as well as PC’s. It has Automated Blog and Push Notifications as standard.

Features & Benefits: Whats Included In The Bundle?

Your Website Is Custom Built To Your Requirements And Based On Your Website Or Business Model. The Bundle Includes Some Excellent Tools And Services Designed To Promote Your Business And Provide Services To A Steadily Increasing Audience Of Customers And Potential Customers. A Personal Developer Is Designated To Oversee The Project And A Quality Control Assessor Is Assigned To Sign Off The Completed Site.

Listed In Search Engines

Custom Built

3 – 4 Week Build

24/7 Messaging

Booking Software

Blog Posts Automation

Great Flexibility

Fully Standards Compliant

Customized Theme

Search Engine Optimized

Choice Of Management

Responsive Design

Social Sharing

Chat Facilities

Lead Generation & Redistribution

Get your business in front of customers on an hourly basis!

See how customer use increases for businesses with Push Notifications, shown by percentage.


Site Engagement Rate


Site Retention Rate


Site Return Rate


Message Open Rate

Check Out WordPress: Watch This Video On Using It As A Backend With A Vue JS Frontend

Your Web Site Bundle Is Custom Built And Original. It Comes With All The Features Above And Much More With Extra Attention Paid To Mobile Functionality.

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Available With All The Above Features Free, And At The Phenomenally Low Cost Of £695 Custom Built! Just Enter Your Details And Select The Standard Package And One Page Option. One Of Our Team Will Get Back To You With More Information!

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